“Now people are going to say he had this sterling career if I can get the Juventus argument in first – I might have been able to get in that team and they may still have won Serie A! They won Serie A twice by 17 points and once by nine points during his time there, they are about to win Serie A for about the ninth time in a row.

“They were the dominant force in Italian football and he was asked to come to Man United to pick the team up, be the central figure, and he has not been able to do it. And actually, he has looked at it and thought: ‘I do not think this team is going to win the title,’ and he has just not fancied it. He almost downed tools.

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“People talk about how he did not get on with Jose Mourinho – no, he did not get on with a manager who was trying to get him to follow instructions and whatever you say about Mourinho, he has plans to win football games and to win titles and if you stick to those, more often than not it tends to be successful and history has proved that.

“He did not want to stick to it, he wanted to do what he wanted, as he was able to do at Juventus because of the players around him. Now he just has not done it for Man United and we seem to forget a lot of these things and he has been welcomed back as this hero, people are being excited, him and Fernandes – what a combination it will be.

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“But there is nothing to suggest that will necessarily happen. Fernandes absolutely, but Pogba really has to prove himself again to Man United fans and to the football world that he is this great world-beater.

“Mourinho said two summers ago that I want him to show what he has been showing for France and all hell broke loose that he was being nasty to Pogba, he has rained on his parade. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said exactly the same thing this week and we have not seen that and it is time we did see it.

“And until we do, I will still regard him as an expensive flop.”

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‘World-class performer with the medals to prove it’ – Darren Lewis, football writer, the Mirror

“As far as Pogba is concerned, there is almost a determination to characterise him as being selfish, lazy and somebody who does not care about the team.

“And it is interesting that we are spending this energy on a guy who came on for 20 minutes at the end of the match as opposed to another record-breaking signing like Harry Maguire, who was left for dead by Steven Bergwijn when he scored that goal to open the scoring in that match on Friday night.

“I keep hearing: ‘If he wants to be a top player,’ Paul Pogba is a world-class player, a top player, and there is a determination to find the negative, rather than emphasise the positive regarding Paul Pogba.

“Tell me the last time a Man United midfielder last scored with the regularity he has, you have to go back a few years, he has a very good goal record. He has won four Italian titles, the World Cup, reached a Champions League final, won the Europa League.

“Yes, he might not have the dynamism that say Gareth Bale had when he went to Real Madrid and had an explosive impact straight away and you saw where that money went.

“But Paul Pogba is a player who if you bring in somebody of that calibre, it is your job as a club and a manager to get the best out of him, to create the conditions to get the best out of them.

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