Bitcoin Price Surpasses $10,000 For First Time Since 19 February – Trading Data
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Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that does not have a central bank and has its transactions completed via blockchain – a public distributed ledger – has recently seen it’s value plummet, mirroring the slump of global markets amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The price of popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin has surpassed $10,000 for the first time since 19 February, according to trading data. 

As shown by CoinMarketCap, bitcoin rose in price by 7.22 percent to $9945 as of 03:05 Moscow time (00:05 GMT). On the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, the price soared by 8.43 percent to $9918. During trading, the cryptocurrency price reached $10,067, for the first time since 19 February 2020.

Earlier in March, Bitcoin dropped to $4,521 alongside other falling cryptocurrencies and risk assets, mirroring the global market drop caused by market reaction to the coronavirus pandemic.



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