Social Distance: Apple Warns Customers to Keep iPhone At Least a Foot Away From Medical Devices
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The news comes as the company is expected to unveil its first ever quarter with $100 billion in sales. The coronavirus-induced lockdowns have pushed more and more people working and studying from home to invest in gadgets.

Apple told its customers to keep their new iPhone 12 smartphones twelve inches (30 centimetres) away from medical devices as the gadget could hamper their work. The company’s latest gizmo is equipped with MagSafe technology, which allows the use of wireless charging and other devices to attach to the handset thanks to the magnet. The smartphone also has components and radios that emit electromagnetic fields.”

When in close contact, these magnets and radio can interfere with medical devices such as an implanted pacemaker or defibrillators.

The advice also applies to other accessories which have MagSafe technology, namely chargers, wallets, and phone cases.

The development comes as Apple is set to unveil its first-quarter fiscal results, which may exceed the $100 billion mark. Despite the fact the coronavirus pandemic triggered the worst economic crisis in 100 years, Apple, one of the world’s most valuable companies, doesn’t plan to stop. Reports say it plans to increase manufacturing by almost 30 percent and produce 96 million smartphone devices in the first half of the year.

One of those gadgets will reportedly be the first foldable IPhone. Previously the company file a patent for a “self-healing” screen which allegedly will be used in the new gizmo.




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