‘I Can’t Vote for That Guy’: Joe Rogan Says He Would Rather Vote for Trump Than Biden
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In a January podcast, the ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ host said that he was going to vote for Joe Biden’s rival Bernie Sanders, as Rogan “believes in him” and “likes him a lot”.

On Friday’s podcast, Comedian and Ultimate Fighting Championship commentator Joe Rogan said that he would rather vote for the current president than former Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

He criticized the Democratic front-runner, saying that he was too old to rule the nation.

By contrast, he said that the sitting president, Republican Donald Trump, was fit for the position.

At the moment, Biden is on track to win the nomination, securing 1,217 of the 1,991 delegates needed in the primaries held up to this point. His Democratic rival Sanders has 914 delegates.

President Trump handily won the nomination for the Republican ticket, with former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld winning a single delegate before dropping out.

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