Northern Ireland Secretary Says Would Not Encourage Conservative Lawmakers to Appear on RT
Sputnik / Ilya PitalevUK13:30 GMT 23.07.2020Get short URL105Subscribe International

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Brandon Lewis, a UK Conservative Party lawmaker and the secretary of state for Northern Ireland, said on Thursday that he would not encourage other conservative lawmakers to appear on the Russian state-run RT broadcaster.

The lawmaker added that he had never appeared on Russia Today and has no such plans in the future.

The UK parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee presented a report on Russia on Tuesday, examining an alleged Russian threat to the country. Among other things, it claimed that opensource studies had shown “serious distortions” in the coverage provided by RT and Sputnik.

Tuesday’s intelligence report also said that Conservative Party members, including lawmakers and cabinet ministers, have accepted Russia-linked donations. According to Lewis, all donations were made by the UK citizens “who have rights to donate to political parties.” The lawmaker added that UK citizens “with any background” can make donations and the so-called Russia-linked donations did not intend to influence politicians.

Russia has repeatedly criticised Western governments for imposing pressure on Russian media operating there. Commenting on the so-called Russia report by the UK lawmakers, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the document fully met negative expectations.



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