Unfair Generalisation: Movie Industry Not Just About Drugs, Sex & Scandals – Filmmaker Hansal Mehta
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New Delhi (Sputnik): After Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s allegations that “99% of stars consume drugs,” and claims of being “exposed to the most shocking and sinister world and drugs, debauchery and mafia”, filmmaker Hansal Mehta has come out in Bollywood’s defence.

Indian filmmaker Hansal Mehta says though the Hindi movie industry has its “rotten apples”, “any generalisation about the film industry being mostly about drugs, sex and scandals is unfair…This is an industry of artists not debauches.”

It all started when Kangana Ranaut made some shocking revelations on Twitter about Bollywood’s drug culture.

The actress tweeted that she was not only sedated without her knowledge but talked about the most popular drugs that are ostensibly used in Bollywood house parties including cocaine and MDMA.

Citing a suspected drug connection in the ongoing Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case, Kangana went on to ‘expose’ the drug scene in the film industry, while naming A-listers who allegedly ill-treated her.

Senior lawyer Mahesh Jethmalani tweeted that “not one person from that industry contradicts her. What inference is the public to draw from this deafening silence?”

Instead some “have been usually fun, full of camaraderie, bonding with colleagues and mostly great conversations over booze, cigarettes and some great, great food”, he added.

Making an appeal to “stop targeting one industry”, he said “toxicity often engulfs your life through experiences, relationships, failure but it’s how you move on that counts most. How well you cope with the present is most important as is how well you let go of a bitter past. This is true for life. Not just one industry or its people”.

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